Recent Grant Awards

Since 1991, MERIT has invested over $300,000 into enrichment programs that help Millis students get more from their public education!


Clyde F. Brown Elementary School, Middle School and High School
MERIT Innovation Labs: virtual and augmented reality used to extend and enrich curriculum in mathematics, science, technology and engineering.  VR Systems purchased for each school.

Middle and High School
Read, Relax and Research: create new seating options/spaces in the Middle/High School Library led by the newly formed Library Teen Council.
Project Safe Space: create a space in the school and equip it with supplies/books/materials to support students needing decompression before returning to the classroom.
STEM Integration: Purchase 3 3D pens and 5 Makey Makers to integrate/advance STEM in the computer science program.

Middle School
Yoga and Wellness for Girls: After school yoga and meditation class for girls focusing on self esteem development.
Creating a Multi-Sensory, Multi-Movement Needs Classroom: Purchase supplies and equipment to meet needs of students with ADD/ADHD/Sensory needs.
Project Claw: Steam students work together to build a claw arcade machine.
The Walking Classroom: Educational podcasts children listen to while walking. Podcasts align with current curriculum.
Biome and Resilient House Building: Create a biome and build a house suitable for the environment created.
Q Ball Classroom Microphone: Bluetooth connected, throwable microphones used during investigative math in the classroom.

High School
High School Engineering Program: Licensing Fees, Induction support, Teacher Training/Professional Development, Equipment and Consumables for the first three years of new High School Engineering elective.
International World War II Museum: fund field trip for Grade 10 to visit WWII Museum. Curriculum materials that can be used in the classroom are included.
Vocation Skills/Office: funds used to purchase office equipment to be used by Life Skills students so that they can develop job skills.



Clyde F. Brown Elementary School
  • Project STEM
  • Battle of the Books
  • Osmo
  • 100 Mile Club
  • Mats for the gymnasium
  • Comprehension strategies
  • Smart Boards
  • Video Modeling Project
  • Silhouette projectors ~ Art Class

Millis Middle School
  • Aquaponics STEM Food Growing Systems
  • Engagement & Learning with Sphero
  • Screenagers Event
  • Bring Back Recess!
  • STEAM Arcade Project
  • Video Resources ‘Bringing Ancient Civilization to Life’
  • Nature’s Classroom Scholarship
  • Digital Portfolios in the Art Studio
  • Polar Fit Sensors for Physical Education
  • Guitars for Music Class
  • Mineral Mining Project
  • Cartography Maps
  • Support for Millis Learning Center
  • Ipads for Resource Room

Millis High School
  • Enhancing Library Resources for English Language Learners
  • A lens & Stability for TV Production Class
  • ALARM Robotics Competition
  • Printing Plain Street Review, a HS literary journal
  • Youth in Government Conference at MA State House
  • Polar Fit Sensors for Physical Education
  • Kurzweil 3000 Software ~Text-to-Speech
  • Force for Physics lab tools
  • Digital Portfolios in the Art Studio
  • Guitars for Music Class
  • Woodworking Club tools and supplies
  • Computers for Resource Room