MERIT is a non-profit local education fund established in 1991 with the primary purpose of fostering excellence in Millis Public Schools. The mission of MERIT is to encourage innovative approaches to teaching approved curricula and to provide financial support to help implement the most promising approaches. MERIT solicits funding for programs not typically subsidized within the regular school budget.

MERIT is run by volunteer community members and teachers who raise money for the Millis Public Schools. Teachers from all three Millis schools make requests to MERIT for curriculum enhancing materials that promote creative and challenging learning programs for our kids. MERIT considers requests for which there are no other sources of education funding.

MERIT’s funding comes from fundraising events and tax-deductible donations from the community. MERIT events, which include our signature Haunted Hayride at Tangerini‚Äôs Spring Street Farm, are designed to provide fun, engaging activities that give Millis residents the chance to socialize while raising money to support the best cause of all; our children and schools.

Since 1991, MERIT has invested over $250,000 into enrichment programs that help Millis students get more from their public education!

MERIT’s mission is to:

  1. Encourage innovative approaches to teaching the approved curricula.
  2. Provide funds to help implement the most promising approaches.

View our most recent grant awards to see how we are helping to innovate learning in Millis.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

All community members are welcome to attend our meetings.

Board of Directors


Theresa Mahoney, President
Katie Sheridan, Vice President
Danielle Burdo, Treasurer
Danielle Vautour, Clerk
Caroline Murphy, Clerk

Board Members

Diana Legere
Mary Smith
Sarah Pulappadi
Kelly McMahon
Leah Corcoran
Nan Jurgelewicz
Wendy Schneider
Janel Pudelka
Jonelle McBride
Sue McPoland
Sally Pasquantonio
Patrick Murphy
Greg Quilop
Kim Barisano

Everyone is welcome to join the board and are voted in by the current board after attending two consecutive meetings.