Grant Applications

Grant Application Process

MERIT welcomes applications from teachers, administrators and residents for proposals that address curriculum-related learning projects. The projects should enhance and improve the educational services of the Millis Public School system.

MERIT has established the following criteria when prioritizing applications for awards:

  • The proposal is a curriculum-enhancing program not typically funded by the school budget.
  • The proposal employs innovative methods and techniques to inform and educate.
  • The proposal has a direct impact on the largest number of current and future students.
  • The proposal encourages professional staff development.
  • The proposal shows the most promise for significantly strengthening the educational process.
Grant Timeline

Grant Applications are accepted from May to November.  Once awarded, grant money must be spent within 12 months from the award date.  A progress report must be submitted to MERIT by the end of the calendar year of the awarded grant.  For specific dates and information, please see the application instructions.

Recent Grant Awards

Look at previous grant awards to see other examples of how MERIT has been involved and helping teachers and students be innovative and forward thinking.

Application Instructions

View information for the grant application submission process on Google Docs.  Please contact us if you have any questions or need any help.

Application Online Form

The Grant application is online and hosted through Google Docs.  Please see the instructions link above if you have need any help filling out the form.