Recent Grant Awards

Since 1991, MERIT has invested over $260,000 into enrichment programs that help Millis students get more from their public education!


Clyde F. Brown Elementary School
Project STEM: to purchase a variety of STEM games/puzzles/toys for use in a 1st grade classroom
Battle of the Books: A 3rd & 4th grade reading initiative.
Blue Bots Robotics for Early Learners: Robotic devices that will teach early coding skills for grades 1&2.
Osmo: an interactive digital learning tool for use in all kindergarten classrooms. The tool will be used for ELA, Math, creative learning skills & computer coding exposure.
100 Mile Club: A fun, non-competitive fitness/wellness program for grades 1-4.
Flexible Seating Options for 3rd Graders: funds will be used to purchase & pilot flexible seating (stand up desks & Hokki stools) in a grade 3 classroom.

Middle School
STEAM Arcade Project: for equipment and parts needed to complete an arcade style video game that has been a project of the 7th grade STEAM class. Proceeds from the finished arcade game will benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
Aquaponics STEM Food Growing Systems: for the equipment and supplies for an interactive, hands-on Grade 8 Science Unit on the food chain.
Engagement & Learning with Sphero: robotic devices for the math classroom that will expose 8th grade & technology students to computer coding.
Screenagers Event: funds will be used to host an evening parent viewing/discussion of the documentary Screenagers, as well as a showing for middle school students.
Bring Back Recess!: create four recess bags, consisting of balls, jump ropes, frisbees, etc., to use during middle school outdoor time. The bags will be shared among grades 5-8.

Middle School/High School
Enhancing Library Resources for English Language Learners (ELL): funds will be used to purchase Audio/Visual equipment and media for use by the school’s growing number of ELL students.
A Lens & Stability for TV/Video Production: funds will be used to purchase two pieces of equipment that will enhance the production value of the film program.

Clyde F. Brown Elementary School
  • Mats for the gymnasium
  • Comprehension strategies
  • Smart Boards
  • Video Modeling Project
  • Silhouette projectors ~ Art Class

Millis Middle School
  • Video Resources ‘Bringing Ancient Civilization to Life’
  • Nature’s Classroom Scholarship
  • Digital Portfolios in the Art Studio
  • Polar Fit Sensors for Physical Education
  • Guitars for Music Class
  • Mineral Mining Project
  • Cartography Maps
  • Support for Millis Learning Center
  • Ipads for Resource Room

Millis High School
  • ALARM Robotics Competition
  • Printing Plain Street Review, a HS literary journal
  • Youth in Government Conference at MA State House
  • Polar Fit Sensors for Physical Education
  • Kurzweil 3000 Software ~Text-to-Speech
  • Force for Physics lab tools
  • Digital Portfolios in the Art Studio
  • Guitars for Music Class
  • Woodworking Club tools and supplies
  • Computers for Resource Room